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Reaction – “The Brutal Truth About Penn State”

I thought this was an outstanding piece with an incredible edge of truth to it. It laid bare the realities of the situation at Penn State and sought both accountability and retribution on behalf of those that run the university. The author, Charles G. Pierce, makes it quite clear he is upset about both the rapes and how the fallout was handled. He states as much, his stream of self-consciousness precluding the venomous rage aimed directly at Happy Valley.

I found the correlation between Penn State and the Catholic church not wholly original but still refreshing nonetheless. Indeed, there are striking similarities between the cover-up at the Vatican and that at Penn State. But Pierce finds a new angle on the situation. He chides the university for making a public display of their sorrow. Pierce wonders how the responsibility was shared by so many yet brought forth by so few.

Pierce wraps up the opinion piece beautifully with an allegory to the church’s repression in Ireland. By tying in the Church’s shortcomings and the tragedy at Penn State, Pierce bemoans how the cries of the repressed fell on deaf ears.


Reaction – “The Persuaders”

I think this was a great two-piece documentary on the strategy and ethics behind selling products and ideas to the American consumer. I especially liked the second segment, because I found it much more grounded and pragmatic than the first, which seemed kind of cheesy and rather pretentious. 

The most interesting part of the videos to me were the different strategies used to market to different psychographics of American consumers. I thought the methods used to disorient the focus groups were very useful and not readily obvious. In particular, I thought the methods used to document the focus group member’s reaction to the speech on environmental awareness were ahead of their time.

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